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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can the white noise and music etc be turned on for longer than 20 minutes?

Not automatically, no - you would need to press the foot to restart it.

What sounds does Ewan play?

Ewan has four different sounds - womb sounds, heartbeat, rain sounds, harp music.

Can Ewan be given to my child to cuddle?

Safety guidelines suggest waiting until your child is at least one year old before soft toys are placed in a cot.

Is Ewan suitable for Moses baskets?

Yes! His velcro tail is ideal for attaching him to the wicker handles. Don't put him in the moses basket itself though.

What guarantee comes with Ewan?

Ewan has a 12 month manufacturers guarantee

Can I switch the light off on Ewan?

Yes, if you want sound only, you can switch the light off using the control pad in his tummy.

My Ewan only plays for a minute before switching off, is he poorly?

By default, Ewan ships in 'Try Me' mode. You need to switch this on the control pad in his tummy to 'Normal' mode before use. Sounds will then play for 20 minutes.

Can I adjust the Volume on Ewan?

Ewan has 2 volume settings - loud and quiet. You can switch between the two settings on the control pad in his tummy.

Is Ewan Machine Washable?

No! You can surface wash Ewan using minimal water, but be sure to protect his electronics in his tummy when you do do (covering them with a plastic bag is best).

Does Ewan need batteries?

Yes, he takes 3 AAA Batteries

What are Ewans Dimensions?

He measures approximately 23cm x 23cm x 20cm


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